Here is a sampling of the projects we are currently working on.


Disaster Preparedness

Our disaster preparedness work allows for pediatricians, public health leaders and other pediatric care providers to assess what is already happening in their community or state, and help determine what needs to be done before an emergency or disaster arizes.


ADOLESCENT Screen for 3

Screen for 3 is a statewide initiative to promote the utilization of standardized, evidence-based developmental screenings in pediatric practices to screen and assess every child for developmental delays or special health care needs. Adolescent Screen for 3 expands this work to 12-18 year olds.



Fostering Health Partnerships

Peer-to-peer learning collaboratives designed to improve you and your staff’s ability to comprehensively assess, intervene, treat, and coordinate physical, dental, and mental health care needs of foster children.



Epilepsy Learning Collaborative     

The epilepsy learning collaborative seeks to improve access, continuity and quality of care for youth and children with epilepsy in Michigan through a comprehensive learning collaborative process. This includes collaborative webinars, QI projects and in-person learning opportunites for all members of the epilepsy project.